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Mission to scale


At sceel.io, our mission is to help businesses scale and succeed through high-quality software development and staff augmentation services. Established in 2018 as a subsidiary of ETECTURE, we now offer our services to businesses worldwide.


In 2021, sceel.io and ETECTURE became part of the Swedish Sigma Technology Group, strengthening our capabilities. As part of a large enterprise, we offer the flexibility of a small company, combined with the resources of a large enterprise.



Whether you’re looking to scale your business or accelerate development, sceel.io has the expertise you need to succeed.

sceel.io Softwareentwickler am Arbeitsplatz

Zahlen & Fakten

Gegründet im Jahr 2018

40+ employees

30+ successfully completed projects

Langfristige Kundenbeziehungen

Headquarters in Stuttgart (Germany) with German management

Development centers in Egypt and Ukraine

Deutscher Vertrag und Partner

Großes Netzwerk von IT-Spezialisten

Bei sceel.iowe firmly believe that intercultural management, a positive work atmosphere, and contributions from all team members are essential to achieving the desired results. 


We foster an inclusive and collaborative environment where everyone is encouraged to share their ideas and perspectives. By working together and leveraging our diverse backgrounds and experiences, we can provide the highest quality services to our clients.


At sceel.io, we are committed to creating a culture of excellence and teamwork, which we believe is the key to our success in the IT industry:


We see sceel.io as a global company with a family spirit.

Why building your career with sceel.io ?

At sceel.io, we believe in creating a comfortable and welcoming work environment for all employees to feel at home. We value diversity and inclusivity and foster a professional atmosphere where you can develop both your technical and soft skills. We are committed to providing opportunities for career growth and continuous learning, making sceel.io the perfect place for driven and talented individuals to build a successful career in the IT industry.

Why partner with sceel.io for your software development and staff augmentation needs?

As part of a large enterprise, we at sceel.io are uniquely positioned to offer our clients the best of both worlds. Our size and scale give us the flexibility to be nimble and responsive to our clients’ needs, while also allowing us to incubate and fulfil even the largest and most complex requests. With our wealth of resources and expertise, we can provide our clients with a level of service that is both professional and reliable, no matter how big or small their project may be. At sceel.io, we are committed to delivering the highest quality results while maintaining the agility and innovation needed to succeed in today’s fast-paced business world.

Unsere Werte

Diese Grundsätze machen uns zu einem Team von Fachleuten und gleichzeitig zu einer Familie.


Jeder ist Teil des Prozesses, und jeder hat seinen Einfluss.


Wir fühlen uns gegenüber dem Kunden verpflichtet und arbeiten offen zusammen.


Akzeptanz und eine respektvolle Haltung gegenüber jedem sind der Schlüssel zum Erfolg.


Wir sind immer bereit, neue Weg zu gehen, um effizienter zu werden.

Leidenschaft und Enthusiasmus

Unsere Liebe und Leidenschaft für die Arbeit beeinflussen den Prozess und das Ergebnis.

Sceel.io Büros und Entwicklungszentren

Wir haben vier Büros und Entwicklungszentren in drei Ländern: Deutschland, Ägypten und Ukraine.

Stuttgart – Deutschland

Motorstraße 4, DE-70499 Stuttgart, Deutschland

Uzhgorod – Ukraine

Shvabska St. 17, UA-88000 Uzhgorod, Ukraine

Kiew - Ukraine

Dehtiarivska St. 62, UA-04112 Kyiv, Ukraine

Kairo - Ägypten

9 H/5 Ahmed Abdel Azim from Al-Nasr St.- Maadi, Cairo- Egypt

Eine Karte mit den Entwicklungsstandorten und IT Hubs von sceel.io. Deutschland, Ukraine und Ägypten.

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Unser Management Team

Stefan Nesselhauf


Foto von Mariia Lituta. Staffing manager bei der sceel.io GmbH.

Mariia Lituta

Head of Recruitment (Ukraine)


Hadeer Elhennawy

Head of Recruitment (Egypt)

Amira Adel

Business Development Manager

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