Linux Developer (10106VO)

Linux Developer (10106VO)

Who we are: is a German software services provider Part of Sigma Technology Group, working across technology consulting, team augmentation, and product development with operations in Ukraine and Egypt.
Since 2018 and with our headquarter in the heart of the automobile industry, Stuttgart Germany, our talented professionals have delivered +20 successful projects across native mobile, web, desktop, and hybrid development and quality assurance, and we are open for much more!

Our Culture:
Our teams include +25 talented Developers & QA that come from a variety of backgrounds. We’re Keen on building an inclusive culture based on trust and innovation and value every skill set while maintaining a family-like environment where everyone is heard and appreciated.
So, if you are searching for a new challenging role where you can use all of your Software development skills and work closely with International Organizations and Up to date Technologies, We are Looking For You!

Your Mission:

Collaborate with a global community of developers to design, implement, and maintain features and enhancements for the Linux kernel.
Write, review, and optimize code to ensure the highest quality and performance of the Linux operating system.
Participate in code reviews, provide constructive feedback, and adhere to coding standards to maintain codebase integrity.
Identify and address software bugs, security vulnerabilities, and performance bottlenecks.
Work on kernel subsystems, device drivers, and core components to ensure compatibility with various hardware platforms.
Keep abreast of the latest developments in Linux and open-source technologies to integrate relevant innovations into the kernel.
Engage with the open-source community through mailing lists, forums, and developer conferences to share knowledge and contribute expertise.
Collaborate with user-space developers to ensure seamless integration between the Linux kernel and user applications.
Create and maintain documentation to describe design decisions, APIs, and development processes.
Assist in the troubleshooting and resolution of issues reported by users, community members, and internal teams.
Participate in the release management process to ensure timely and stable releases of the Linux kernel.

Your Profile:

Linux Operating System:

Strong understanding of Linux system architecture and kernel internals.
Proficiency in command-line tools, shell scripting, and system administration.
Experience with Linux device drivers and kernel modules.

Embedded Systems Development:

Proficient in C/C++ programming languages for embedded systems.
Experience with low-level hardware interactions, memory management, and real-time constraints.
Understanding of cross-compilation, debugging, and profiling techniques for embedded platforms.

Device Drivers and BSP:

Ability to develop and integrate device drivers for various hardware components.
Knowledge of Board Support Package (BSP) development and customization.
Experience in configuring and optimizing system-level settings and peripherals.

Security and Cybersecurity:

Awareness of security threats and countermeasures in automotive systems.
Understanding of secure coding practices and vulnerability assessment techniques.
Knowledge of relevant safety mechanisms in embedded systems.

Real-Time Systems:

Experience with real-time programming and scheduling algorithms.
Understanding of real-time constraints, task synchronization, and inter-task communication.
Proficiency in analyzing and optimizing system performance and latency.

Testing and Debugging:

Skill in testing methodologies and frameworks for embedded systems.
Proficient in using debugging tools, analyzers, and simulators.
Experience with unit testing, integration testing, and system-level testing approaches.

Collaboration and Documentation:

Ability to work effectively in a team environment and collaborate with cross-functional teams.
Good communication skills to discuss technical concepts and requirements.
Proficiency in documenting designs, specifications, and code changes.

Specific software knowledge
QNX Operating System:

Familiarity with the QNX real-time operating system and its architecture.
Understanding of QNX-specific features, services, and development tools.
Knowledge of QNX resource management, process scheduling, and inter-process communication mechanisms.

Software Development:

Knowledge of software design patterns, code quality standards, and version control systems.
Competence in Yocto project is required. (Knowledge in Windriver Linux is additional advantage)

Work Setup:

Location: #Maadi
Work Model: Hybrid (2 days from office-3 from home)
Working Hours: Flexible
Fridays and Saturdays are off

Perks and Benefits:

A basic monthly net salary determined by the experience
Social and Medical Insurance
Salary reviews after Trial Period based on performance
Unlimited drinks at the office
An amazing accessible office in Maadi with a Relaxing Outdoor Garden.
Career and skills development
Last but not least an AMAZING team!!

Thank You for Applying

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